Invicta Autograss Club

Over the past years Derek Linch and the Invicta Grass Track Club have donated money to the Mighty Mowers to help provide equipment to help the upkeep of Ivychurch Village and its environment. The money was held by Mike Bartlett who has passed it to Alan Martin who is in turn passing £1,000.00 on to the charity The Ivychurch Amenities Association.

The understanding is that the money will be held in keeping and whenever the Mighty Mowers need equipment or running expenses it will be available to them. In addition, if the IAA has projects in need of funding this will be available if approved by Alan Martin.

Projects will be eligible in so far as they enhance the wellbeing and/or enjoyment of the residents of Ivychurch. General day to day running expenses of the village, such as repairs to the village hall, will not be deemed appropriate.

Open meetings of the Invicta Grass Track Club have not been held in recent times because of Covid 19 restrictions but when open meetings are resumed, the village will be reminded that residents of Ivychurch and their families are welcome to attend such meetings at no cost. Details of the club and fixtures are at http://www.invictakentautograss.co.uk/

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